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Welcome to the West Coast Intercollegiate Soccer Officials AssociationTerm (WCISOA), the Northern California Chapter of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association-> Site on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018.

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AssignorTerry Broderick

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004 to Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

CCAA Contract: The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) requires that WCISOA officials assigned to their conference games fill out an application and a contract for the current year.
CCAA = Chico, Humboldt State, Monterey Bay, Sonoma, Stanislaus, & SF State

While these games are posted on WCISOA.ORG, in addition, their assignments must be ACCEPTED,DECLINED on their web site via https://www.thearbiter.net under
103019 Big West Conference OfficialMore

What's New!

Fun Run East Bay
Pinole Valley High School
2900 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole, CA 94564

Monday, June 25, 2018 7:00PM

Run will start at 7:00PM.
Please warm up before this time.
Please bring the signed Medical Release form..
Please reply to Harold Brazil if you plan to attend. CLICK HERE... More


Fun Run Summer Clinic
Las Positas College
Livermore, CA 94550

Saturday, June 30, 2018 8:00AM

Run will start at 8:00AM.
Please warm up before this time.
Please bring the signed Medical Release form..
A $2 parking fee is strictly enforced.
Please reply to Steve Krow-Lucal if you plan to attend. CLICK HERE... More


2018 WCISOA Summer Clinic & NISOA National Referee Academy
Saturday, June 30, 2018
Las Positas College, Livermore, CA 94550

The field will be open at 7AM for warmup for the Fun Run.
Fun Run will be on the track.
Fun Run begins at 8AM.
Bring the signed Medical Release form.

All WCISOA Members are expected to attend.
Parking is enforced on weekends, machines will take cash or cards - $2.

Clinic 8AM-4PM
WCISOA will supply lunch.
The meeting will be in Room 2420
Go here for a map: More



The note below is from Nate Salant, CCAA Commissioner.
Note, unlike the JC Rule for Zero Tolerance, the referee has authority to issue a Yellow card for this, but it could move to Red
In either case, he expects the referee to exert some level of discipline at the first occurrence.

Dear Soccer Supervisors,

I am writing to inform you that it is time for a 100% clampdown and strict enforcement of the rules prohibiting foul language and personal disparaging remarks and insults uttered by student-athletes and coaches and directed toward soccer officials.

This past weekend, I reprimanded a soccer official who did not immediately yellow card a student-athlete who told him a call was “bullshit” and continued his tirade, even when a second official came over. He greeted that second official with the “f” word before he was finally carded.

While the reprimand to the official was warranted, it merely draws my attention to the number of instances in which foul, derogatory or threatening language has been sanctioned, and the number of times it has been ignored. This leads to an inconsistency in the application of the soccer playing rules, which most definitely do call for carding foul and/or abusive language.

I am also drawn to comment on the mistaken notion that just because a student-athlete or coach begins his or her tirade with the word, “Sir,” that in no way excuses or mitigates any derogatory comments that follow.

All coaches and student-athletes are now ON NOTICE that I am instructing the assignors to tell the officials to put a stop to the lax enforcement of the unsportsmanlike conduct rules. There are no more verbal warnings - if the language is foul, derogatory or threatening, the card is to be shown IMMEDIATELY.

Please share this with all appropriate personnel.

Commissioner Salant


NCAA Rule Changes for 2017

While the current rule book is for 2016 & 2017, NISOA has incorporated
some additional changes for 2017.

They can be reviewed at Referee:Forma & Assessor:Forms


A guide to the WCISOA.ORG is available under REFEREE:Forms & ASSESSOR:Forms.
There is a wealth of information about the website and WCISOA, while it was designed especially new members, it covers many items that come up as questions from all members.
How do I file a SendOff?
How do I request games?
What does my ranking mean? etc...
Even if you are a long term member, you should take a look at "WCISOA-How do I". More


2017 WCISOA Physical Testing

NISOA has adopted the USSF Standards and Fitness run for all collegiate chapters.

The new WCISOA standards are similar to those used by USSF/FIFA, but the WCISOA test are not Pass/Fail and instead uses a point system.

You are exempt from taking this test if you fall into either of the following two categories:
• CNRA (Cal North) Referee State 6 or higher that has taken and passed the USSF/FIFA Fitness Test for 2017.
• NISOA National Referee that has taken and passed the new NISOA physical fitness test.

Everyone else who want to be a member of WCISOA must take the new fitness test which consists of two testing events
– Sprints, 10 minute break, Intervals:

Sprint Test
• 40 meter sprint followed by a recovery period after each of 6 sprints
• The total time for the 6 sprints will be used for assigning a point total.

Interval Test
• Participants run a maximum of forty (40) consecutive intervals
• An interval consists of one 75 m run (20 sec) with one 25 m recovery walk (20 sec)

At least 2 points must be earned in both of the tests combined in order to pass.

Bring a signed 2017 NISOA Fitness Waiver, found under Referee/Forms.

Look for 2017 WCISOA Physical Testing under Referee/Forms or Assessor/Form for more details at More




NCAA DIVISION I: Arrive at the game site a minimum of 90 minutes before the schedule kickoff time. Upon the crew's arrival, notify the home school's game management staff that you are on site. Field inspections are mandatory and the every member of the crew is expected to be in a NISOA uniform and on the field 30 minutes prior to the schedule kickoff time.

NCAA DIVISION II and III/NAIA: Arrive at the game site a minimum of 45-60 minutes before the schedule kickoff time. Upon the crew's arrival, notify the home school's game management staff that you are on site. Field inspections are mandatory and every member of the crew is expected to be in a NISOA uniform and on the field 30 minutes prior to the schedule kickoff time.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE JC: Arrive on the field a minimum of 45 minutes before the schedule kickoff time. Field inspections are mandatory. These games use the FIFA Laws of the game with the modifications posted on this web site. NISOA uniforms and badges are required.


Rules for Community Colleges

CCCAA playing rules for soccer regular conference games.
These rules apply to all Junior College matches.
(Do Not Use NCAA Playing Rules.)

4.2.8 SOCCER
A. All conference competition contests shall be played under current Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Laws with the following modifications:

1. Unlimited substitutions are permitted and shall be made only during the following: kickoffs, goal kicks, your own throw-ins, your own corner kicks, cautions (yellow cards), injuries, or any time the other team substitutes.
2. An unlimited number of players are permitted on the team roster. For soccer, all disqualifications (including those not covered under Bylaw 4) are subject to a one (1)-game suspension.
3. A game shall include two (2) 45-minute halves.
4 Once an official halts play due to an injury, the attending medical personnel will assume authority regarding the disposition of the injured player.
5. Referees shall show yellow and red cards issued to coaches for misconduct.
6. The center official is required to notify both coaches as to the amount of stoppage time added for both halves.

There is No Overtime for regular season games. More


2016-2017 NCAA Soccer Rules

The two year NCAA Soccer Rules book is available as a pdf,
for Referees under Referee/Forms,and
for Assessors under Assessor/Forms.

These Rules apply to all 4 year schools we assign.

JC's, Community Colleges, all two year schools use
a modified version of the IFAB LOTG. More